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    River Rafting in Telluride

    The spring thaw in Colorado brings a deluge of cool mountain water rushing through the channels and canyons of Telluride. The substantial snowpack of the high peaks means more water and a more exciting ride for visitors that brave the rivers. Whether you’re hoping to kayak through wild whitewater rapids or take a leisurely float trip through alpine canyons, Telluride has exactly what you’re looking for.

    Local outfitters and river guides can help you take advantage of this watery playground. There are a wide variety of rafting trips that take guests down the San Miguel River, the Dolores River, or the renowned Black Canyon of the Gunnison River. Choose from a half-day or a full-day trip, or more. You can arrange exactly what sort of trip you’d like to satisfy your appetite for rafting.

    Bring the entire family or just a few friends. Telluride’s beautiful and exciting outdoors are sure to have just the right adventure waiting for you. Here are a few resources to get your next Telluride rafting or kayaking trip rolling:

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    Telluride River Rafting Outfitters and Guides

    Telluride Outside

    (800) 831-6230

    Navigating the rapids of Lower San Miguel requires excellent teamwork, constant maneuvering, and a spirit for adventure. Guided trips with Telluride Outside are available from late May to mid or early August. All experience levels are invited.

    Mild to Wild

    (800) 567-6745

    This Telluride outfitter and guide service can give you the thrill of your life along the San Miguel River. Mild to Wild offers river trips for beginners to seasoned rafters that can last a few hours to a few days.

    Telluride Kayak School

    (866) 728-6250

    Telluride Kayak School features the most knowledgeable and experienced guides, the latest equipment, and small groups for whitewater outings. This guide service promises an exceptional river experience for every